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Remarkable 15 Years!

World Deaf Rugby...

Chairman Tony Stoyles decides to step down after 15yrs involvement with Deaf Rugby, alongside him Lyndon James (Secretary) also decides to retire from Deaf Rugby.

Vice Chairman, Nick Marlor was unable to retain his position on the WDR committee, and returns back to Deaf Rugby Australia

Stoyles says, "I have been a committed volunteer throughout my time in Deaf Rugby, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as it gave me a sense of charitable purpose, and to give my services to a wonderful sport like Rugby, is just the pinnacle in my own little rugby world.

I would like to thank both my colleagues and more importantly, a 'massive hug'for my wife and daughter, without their support all this would not have been possible.

This is not a farewell, as I am sure we'll meet again soon!

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