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Contents of Rankings Table

The Rankings Table is based on ALL Deaf Rugby XV International Fixtures only, which dates from 1994/95 to presence day.  


Men’s and Women's 15s World Deaf Rugby Rankings have been calculated using a 'Points Exchange' system, where sides gain or lose points based on the match result. Other criteria include the relative strength of each team, the margin of victory, and an allowance for home advantage.


At this time, no 15s matches has taken place for Women's, therefore, no Rankings available. 


Members Unions

All member countries have a rating, typically between 0 and 100. The top side in the world will normally have a rating above 90. Any match that is not a full international between two member countries does not count at all.

WDRC Ranking

Points are doubled during the World Deaf Rugby Championship Finals to recognise the importance of this event, but all other international matches, friendly or competitive, are treated the same across the world.

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World Deaf Rugby Ranking Explanation

This explanation includes the basic elements of the World Rugby basic Ranking Rules and in addition, a bespoke ruling to suit World Deaf Rugby current members, also incorporating the minimal number of Deaf Internationals Matches being played. This document is subject to amendments as the organisation progresses for the future. With Thanks.

Rankings 15's: Welcome
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