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World Deaf Rugby

World Deaf Rugby is a UK-registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation governed by a Board of Trustees including Executive Committee Officeholder TrusteesChair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer. The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing all the affairs of WDR and, for that purpose, exercises all the powers of WDR.


With up to twenty-five National Deaf Rugby Union members across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania and an aim of developing, growing and raising the profile of Deaf rugby around the globe, World Deaf Rugby is the peak representative body for international Deaf rugby.


The current Board of Trustees was elected at the 9 December 2023 WDR Annual General Meeting and comprises Trustees from each region of the World



Mark Barnard (South Africa)

Yaw Donker (Ghana)

Michael Oosthuyzen (South Africa)

Tim Stones (South Africa)

Lauren Terras (South Africa)



Mariano Matut (Argentina)



Atsuhiro Hino (Japan)



Anthony Crook (Wales)

Gwynne Griffiths (Wales)



Michael Conroy (Australia)

Tony Kuklinski (New Zealand)

Johanna Plante (Aus/NZ)

Lisa Vogel (Aus/NZ)


Four of these Trustees were elected as Executive Committee Officeholders


Chair: Michael Oosthuyzen (South Africa)


Vice-Chair: Mariano Matut (Argentina)


Secretary: Johanna Plante (Aus/NZ)


Treasurer: Anthony Crook (Wales)



To advance the amateur sport of rugby, specifically deaf rugby, worldwide for the benefit of the public through:


  • Promoting participation in deaf rugby

  • Facilitating the development of deaf rugby players in preparation for national and international competitions

  • Establishing a standing forum where all representative bodies of deaf rugby leagues may be represented and may collectively or singularly where appropriate formulate and promote measures to improve and develop the sport of deaf rugby


Promote equality and diversity in the sport of rugby through promoting and supporting deaf rugby at all levels by:


  • Eliminating discrimination on the grounds of disability

  • Advancing education and awareness in equality and diversity in the sport of rugby

  • Promoting activities to foster a better understanding between rugby unions and deaf rugby players

  • Conducting or commissioning research on equality and diversity in the sport of rugby

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