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New President for South Africa Deaf Rugby Union

04 July 2018

South Africa Rugby President Mr Mark Alexander congratulates new South Africa Deaf Rugby Union leadership...

SA Rugby president, Mr Mark Alexander, on Wednesday congratulated Mr Michael Oosthuyzen on his selection as President of the SA Deaf Rugby Association (SADRU), an associate member of the South African Rugby Union.

Oosthuyzen (of Gauteng), who served as assistant coach of the national deaf team in the historic two-Test series against current world champions, Wales, in August 2015, was unanimously elected the new President of SADRU. Mr Amos Mashele (also of Gauteng) was elected Vice-President.

Oosthuyzen and Tim Stones (former President of SADRU, and current PRO, from Border) have been nominated to serve on the World Deaf Rugby committee as the contact persons for South Africa Deaf Rugby, tasked with discussing matters relating to SADRU at international level, and to liaise with World Deaf Rugby where necessary.

“Congratulations to Michael and his board with their selections,” said Mr Alexander.

“We hope their term of office is a productive one and that we can continue with our good working relationship between SA Rugby and SADRU, an associate member of us.”

Oosthuysen said SADRU was delighted to continue its proud relationship with SA Rugby as an associate member, and they hope to improve on relations going forward.

“Our AGM was an opportunity to discuss the progress made over the past year, as well as to affirm the vision of SADRU for the next 12 months, during which several new initiatives are envisaged, with transformation and development the key markers that will define this period of growth and renewal,” said Oosthuysen.

SA Deaf Rugby currently enjoys a world ranking of third, behind Wales and England, and the challenge going forward will be to improve on this ranking.

SAlexander congratulates new SADRU leadershipexpressed a desire to take on the SA Deaf national team in Test matches and that will help us to fulfil SADRU's dream of topping the world rankings in due course. To help facilitate this dream, SA Deaf Rugby is currently developing an idea to host an inter-provincial Deaf Rugby tournament,” Oosthuysen indicated.

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